A major factor differentiating this business from its competition are the repair services ( skilled craftsmen on the premises ). The staff are experienced in all aspects of jewellery, from matching a lost antique earring, to bringing a customer’s design to life as well as undertaking cleaning and repairs to most jewellery items, resetting gemstones; soldering broken chains, re­sizing of rings, replacing clasps, cleaning mechanical watches, replacing watch batteries are all carried out in this business’s fully fitted workshops.

Our repair service which has a brilliant reputation employs five craftsmen ( instead of sub­contracting) this guarantees a timely and efficient service that is so rare in today’s world.

Unusually for a high street jeweller we stock a range of loose gemstones and also can obtain any gemstone of any size or colour via our enviable network of worldwide sources. With tastes continuously changing and fashions evolving, this business can re­model jewellery or rings into another style or concept with the customers often sitting with a designer to create a unique piece, designed and produced to the customers exact specifications.

Stone Set Jewellery
  • Replacement of gemstones
  • Stone matching
  • Claw adjustment
  • Claw re-tipping
  • Claw replacement

Re-polishing Stones

  • On the softer stones such as emerald, garnet and opal the surface of the stone can wear away and after time, will need to be re polished or in some cases re cut by a stone cutter (a lapidary).
  • Stones greater in hardness such as diamond and sapphire can show signs of wear and tear these harder stones can also be re cut.
  • The cost of these services will depend on the number of facets the size of the stone and the stones hardness.
  • This service will take 6-8 weeks. In certain circumstances we will advise to replace the stone rather than re cut a damaged stone.


  • Our workshop will supply and set stones or just reset your existing stones.
  • Stones are fixed into their settings by first cutting a seat in which the stone rests then covering the stone from above with additional metal this means the stones are secured and cannot move up or down.
  • Our stone setters have decades of experience and offer several ways of setting your stones the three most common are Claw set, Grain set and Rub over.
  • Additional styles of setting are Pave, Channel, Illusion, Star, Invisible, Suspension, and Countersunk.

Over time, dust pollution and daily wear conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones. The surface of gold, platinum and silver jewellery can become dulled. Time-worn claws and clasps can result in the loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewellery.

Professional cleaning is recommended as often as once a year. We encourage you to bring your jewellery back to us for cleaning gemstones.

Insurance Loss

Many insurance companies now issue vouchers to their claimants rather than make a direct payment.

Our businesses are included with some insurance companies but not all.

If you wish to redeem your claim we would be very happy to help even if we are not on your insurance companies list of suppliers.

Please bring in to one of our shops your vouchers, tokens, cheques, certificates or letter of arrangements and we will sort it out with the insurance companies.

We will guarantee you a fabulous choice and unbeatable value for money.


Insurance, Probate, Family Division.

Competitive rates for fast, efficient service carried out on our premises by our experienced staff.


Gold and silver jewellery in any condition, cash paid, instant decisions.

We urgently also need quality watches, clocks, coins, diamonds, gemstones, silverware and antiques.

Part Exchange & Upgrade

We will always consider taking your existing jewellery, etc. (regardless of condition) in part exchange – you just pay the difference.

Insurance Loss & Replacement

We welcome the opportunity to help guide you through your insurance claim and advise how to deal with loss adjusters and other formalities. Our aims are to minimize your loss and inconvenience and maximize your returns and satisfaction.

We also offer a gemstone identification service by our qualified staff, diamond grading service by one of our trained experts, as well as a bullion investment guidance service.

Repairs, Renovations & Commissions
  • Carried out at our premises by our skilled craftsmen.
  • Stones supplied and set, also repairs to claws and settings.
  • Re-threading & engraving.
  • Broken jewellery restored.
  • Catches & fastenings.
  • Polishing and plating Re-rhodium worn white gold.
  • Design service handmade to your specification.
  • Batteries and watch bracelet adjustments while you wait.
  • Watch and clock repairs by fully-qualified horologists.